ESL Topics: Travel


1.) Have you ever traveled abroad / overseas?

Yes, I've visited several countries, and look forward to traveling to more countries. Actually, I'm in the middle of planning my next trip.

2.) How often do you travel abroad, and who do you usually travel with?

Sadly, I often travel alone, but I'm quite used to it.

3.) Where's the best place to travel abroad on a budget from your country?

Traveling to America from Canada is the best place to travel to on a budget.

4.) What do you look forward to the most when traveling?

I love trying the local cuisine along with sightseeing; city skylines are also really fascinating to me, as no two skylines are alike.

5.) What is the most touristy place in your country.

For me, living in South Korea, the most touristy area would be in Seoul around Insadong. There are lots of shops aimed at tourists.

6.) How much vacation-time does your company/workplace provide you with?

I am entitled to three weeks a year vacation-time. However, most employees don't get to use it since staying on top of our work is most important.

7.) How do you usually book your flight? How do you usually book your hotel? Do you rent a car on your travels?

If I travel with my parents we usually go through a travel agent for booking our vacation. However, If I am booking a trip for myself I usually book my vacation through the internet. I don't tend to rent a car while traveling abroad.


1.) On your last trip did you have both carry-on baggage and check-in baggage?

My last trip was only for three days. So, I didn't need to check-in any of my luggage.

2.) Where do most people in your country visit when traveling on their honeymoon?

People on a tight budget tend to visit Niagara Falls. However, if money is no object, Hawaii is a hotspot for newlyweds.

3.) Have you thoroughly traveled throughout your own country?

I've explored Canada quite extensively over the years. I've even spent several weeks traveling throughout Canada while on a road trip with friends.

4.) What tourist destination in your country do you feel is overrated? Why? How about underrated?

I think Niagara Falls is overrated. There is not much to really do or see. People drive for hours and are quite disappointed because there isn't much to do after seeing the falls. A place that is underrated in Canada is the city Montreal. It's got beautiful European architecture and many cool shops and restaurants.


1.) Tell me about your last trip. Where did you go, who did you go with and what was the highlight of your trip?

My last trip was to Kyoto in Japan with my girlfriend. We both agreed that the best part of our trip was walking through the bamboo forest on the outskirts of the city.

2.) When traveling do you tend to plan an itinerary? Or do you like to do things spontaneously and on the spur of the moment?

When I was younger I preferred to travel more spur of the moment. However, recently I tend to travel with an itinerary to avoid the stress and ensure I don't get lost.

3.) What country or country's people left a lasting impression on you?

I would definitely say Japan left a lasting impression on me. The kindness of the people along with the cleanliness of the streets and shops was truly amazing. Japanese culture is truly one of a kind.

4.) How early do you usually arrive at the airport before departure? Also, how do you cope with jet lag?

I like to arrive 30 minutes before check-in, which is about an hour and a half before boarding and departure. I don't suffer much from jetlag, since I don't usually go on flights over four or five hours.


Match the words from column 1 with the best-suited answer in column 2.

Column 1 Column 2
1.) look forward to a.) very interesting
2.) budget b.) a vacation for newlyweds
3.) fascinating c.) inexpensive
4.) entitled to d.) excited about
5.) thoroughly e.) plan or schedule
6.) honeymoon f.) to do on impulse. Without planning.
7.) itinerary g.) to effect someone for a long period of time.
8.) spontaneous h.) to give a lot of detail and attention
9.) lasting impression i.) the outer part of a city or town.
10.) outskirts j.) to give someone the right to do something.


1.) Are you looking forward to your next trip?

2.) Are you used to eating spicy food?

3.) How much are you budgeting for your next trip?

4.) What did you find to be fascinating about the people from (name of country last visited)?

5.) Do you like to avoid touristy areas while traveling?

6.) Do you use all the vacation time you are entitled to?

7.) What would be your dream honeymoon?

8.) What food is overrated in your cultures cuisine?

9.) Do you get nervous during departure time?

10.) What do you do to relax during take off and touch down?


  • "look forward to": A trip or activity you are anticipating and are excited about. "I'm really looking forward to meeting your new boyfriend." "We are both really looking forward to our trip to Canada next month."
  • "I'm used to (it)": Describes and action that you are now familiar with or have experience with. "It was difficult at first taking care of a puppy, but now I'm used to it." "I'll never get used to living in China, it's so strange."
  • budget: To use a limited amount of money to make a purchase. "I can only budget about $500 on my next trip." "It's difficult living on a budget."
  • fascinating: Really interesting. "Chinese history is fascinating." "I was fascinated when I learned that King Sejong created hangeul."
  • touristy: A place popular among tourists, and travellers. "I am not a fan of package tours because they spend too much time at the touristy locations."
  • entitled: A legal right to do or receive something. "Our company policy entitles all workers to 14 days of paid vacation."
  • honeymoon: A vacation for newlyweds. "We plan to go to France for our honeymoon."
  • thoroughly: To understand or experience something completely. "I read that book from start to finish and thoroughly understand the authors perspective." "I want her to give me a very thorough massage on my lower back."
  • overrated: When something or someone has a higher rating than deserved. "He an overrated actor. His last movie was terrible." "I can't understand why that restaurant received so many positive reviews. It's completely overrated."
  • underrated: When something or someone has a lower rating or value than rightfully deserved. "I don't know why that movie didn't do well at the box office. I think it's underrated."
  • outskirts: A towns or city's most outer parts. "She lives in a very rural area on the outskirts of the city."
  • itinerary: A timetable or schedule for a trip. "My company provides me with an itinerary for company trips that I must stick to."
  • spontaneous: When you do something or go somewhere completely unplanned and impulsively. "Our trip to Busan was quite spontaneous, we decided to go there the minute we found out he had the day off."
  • "spur of the moment": An idiom with the same meaning as spontaneous or impulsively. "Our trip to Busan was decided on the spur of the moment."
  • "lasting impression": An effect or experience that stays with you for a long time. "I've read that book several times, it always leaves a lasting impression on me."
  • departure: The beginning point of a journey or trip. Often used to express when a plane is expected to take off from the runway. "The departure time for flight 11 has been delayed until 13:00"
  • jet lag: When you travel through several time zones which affect your sleep patterns. "It took me several days to adjust from the jet lag and fall asleep at a regular time."
  • boarding: When passengers get on a plane or a type of transportation. "I just want to board the plane and get some sleep. I'm exhausted."

Daily Expressions & Idioms:

1.) "take off": When a plane or rocket is set to begin its flight and leave the runway. Also means to leave.

"The plane is expected to take off shortly." "It's getting late. Let's take off."

2.) "touch down": When a plane or rocket lands on the runway.

"Please buckle your seat belts the plane is expecting to touch down shortly."